Dream: 144,000 Getting Supernatural Wisdom

In the show Heroes people started waking up to extraordinary powers at the event of a TOTAL ECLIPSE. I wonder if there is some truth to the 144K waking up to SOME of their abilities during the upcoming eclipse… Some have extraordinary gifts of discernment right now… IDK but it is quite interesting… They were mimicking the 144K in that show I believe… and I say that because I have had dreams where I started getting abilities all of a sudden… JUST AS IN THE DREAM IN THIS VIDEO… IF YOU DO START GETTING ABILITIES ALL OF A SUDDEN, A WORD OF ADVICE THAT I LEARNED THE “HARD” WAY… “KEEP IT TO YOURSELF”… FROM MY EXPERIENCE THE WORLD IS NOT READY YET… JUST USE YOUR GIFTS FROM GOD TO EDIFY THE CHURCH WITHOUT TELLING THEM ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR NEW ABILITY. God bless you.

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