What happened to our YouTube Channel?

Apparently YouTube has its own definition of the truth and because what we were spreading were contrary to their believes, they decided to take us down! Our channel hasn’t been terminated because of copyright strikes and we never received any emails letting us know of our channel termination accompanied with the reason.After what happened, we decided to continue delivering the real truth on this website. Thanks for your support

Do we have the right to post your videos here?

Yes, of course! Please note that we are not hosting any videos of this server but are only embedding them from YouTube (most of the time without your permission). The process of embedding doesn’t infringe your rights in any sense.

How can we even believe in the flat earth theory?

Well, after having studied this theory, we have found it to be more reliable compared to the globe theory and along the way, we have found out many proofs which discredit the globe theory. You cannot discredit the flat earth theory unless you have (a) gone to the extremity of the earth, (b) send a rocket to see that there’s no dome up there and (c) explains all the bible verses which draws us closer to the flat earth.

Do you have any real video which can proves a flat earth?

Join us!

Many of us have found that something is terribly wrong with the world that we're living. That's the reason why we became allied in the silence to fight against elites and principalities.