Illuminati Card Game 1000 Temples to Baal!

Is a gateway about to be opened? Do the Illuminati Cards point out that 1000 pairs of pillars, a dark and light pillar in each pair, will be constructed around the world?

This documentary short video goes through some facts exposing the 1000 Temples to Baal. There are several unusual facts about the Temple to Baal archways that I have discovered in my research. First, there is an illuminati card that identifies out the 1000 points of light, which George H.W. Bush spoke about in a 1991 speech. You see a construction man on the card with an American flag on his hat. Remember, the first archway will go up in New York City Times Square. Second, the Temple to Baal has many similarities to the the Temple of Solomon, including two pillars and an inner sanctuary. According to Albert Mackey, 33 degree Master Freemason, the pillars of Solomon’s Temple, named Boaz and Jachin, were the same height as the pillars we see in the Temple to Baal in Palmyra. It’s also known that Freemasons revere the city of Palmyra because it was built by Solomon and his chief architect, Hiram Abiff, who is a fictional character.

A third point to consider is that Baal worship was originated by Nimrod at the Tower of Babel. One legend has it that Nimrod became Baal after he died. We do know that Baal was the chief competing deity to the God of scripture, and the semites often turned away from Yahweh to worship Baal. A forth thing to consider is that the archways in New York City and London will be constructed on the first day of a pagan holiday where child sacrifices were offered to Baal. April 19th is a historic day for major false flags that involved children, such as Oklahoma City and Waco.

It’s all happening, right now, in the Year of Light, the 5776 Anno Lucis.

We know the Lord is Jesus Christ (Yeshua haMashiach). If you are born again and believe you do not need to fear what comes.

I used the robot construction of Baal archways clip from the following two channels: Angel White and End Time News Ministry. If you can take a look at these channels, please do! They are wonderful 🙂

Angel White:
End Times News Ministry:

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