Mysterious booming damaging Saint James City man’s home

SAINT JAMES CITY, Fla. – A man living in Saint James City on Pine Island is wondering what’s causing his house to violently shake.

Dwayne Dyer is one of many to contact Fox 4 regarding a booming explosion sound and shaking in Southwest Florida.

Sonic booms have been felt frequently in the area for the last few weeks, but Dyer said Monday, the shaking to his home was worse than ever. “Every time it happens, it’s been the exact same time. I’ve been keeping track of it,” Dyer said.

He said it’s around 10:55 AM.

Dyer’s house sits up on stilts, and he said it’s been shaking like an earthquake. “You can feel it more or less start downstairs and work it’s way up. It was pretty violent this time. It really shook the house,” he said.

He’s lived in his home for 12 years and went through Hurricane Charley, but said the shaking he experienced Monday was even worse.

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