Microsoft is doing all it can to push Windows 10.

In fact, the Richmond software firm has announced it will not support older Windows versions on upcoming processors. That means support for Windows 7 or 8 is getting the old heave-ho — well, sort of.

Computers coming to the market in the near future will require Windows 10 in order to receive updates and support.

“This enables us to focus on deep integration between Windows and the silicon, while maintaining maximum reliability and compatibility with previous generations of platform and silicon,” Windows and Devices Group executive vice-president Terry Myerson said in a blog post.

“For example, Windows 10 will be the only supported Windows platform on Intel’s upcoming ‘Kaby Lake’ silicon, Qualcomm’s upcoming ‘8996’ silicon, and AMD’s upcoming ‘Bristol Ridge’ silicon.”

Windows 7 will continue to be supported for security, reliability, and compatibility through Jan. 14, 2020, but only on PCs that are currently on store shelves or those that customers already have in their homes or offices. Windows 8.1 will receive the same support through Jan. 10, 2023.

Although the announcement is unlikely to make customers happy, Myerson insists it is really for their good: “In clarifying this policy, we are prioritizing transparency with enterprises on where to find the highest reliability and best supported Windows experience:  Windows 10 on any silicon, Windows 7 on the down-level silicon it was designed for, or a device on the support list. Although this silicon and platform alignment is entirely consistent with modern technology trends, we understand the need for our enterprise customers to adapt to it in the Windows context— and we stand by ready to partner with them on their Windows deployments. Companies of any size interested in upgrading to Windows 10 should contact their Microsoft technology representative today for assistance.”

Windows 10 Will Be Only OS to be Supported on Future Computers


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